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About Us

Edge Consulting is a team comprised of technology enthusiasts with a vast experience in all fields of modern IT as well as business consultants focused on the latest means of management.
We are focused in using cutting edge technologies to solve business problems in innovative ways and deliver a kind of value to our clients that will make them stand out from their competition.
Edge Consulting’s teams’ members have vast experience in world-scale digital transformation projects and were able to overcome never-before seen challenges to successfully deliver projects, in time and within budget. We care deeply and are personally driven to make a long-lasting impact to the world of Business & IT.

Grow with us. We ‘re top of our game.




Modern businesses have growing demands to solve their unique problems.
Creating a unique solution for your company’s needs can help you achieve greater value than off-the-shelf solutions.
Whether a desktop or web application, iOS or Android Solution and Web Parts applets or servlets, our team of highly skilled, experienced and certified developers can create custom software applications tailored to your company’s special needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation uses modern technologies to create or modify existing business processes, broaden company culture and enhance the customer’s experience in order to meet changing business and market requirements.
Companies are nowadays able to evolve more than ever by leveraging the three main pillars of modern Digital Transformation: Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence and Insights.
Our experienced Consultants can help you design and implement a modern solution covering all of your infrastructure needs (Premise, Cloud and Hybrid), use AI to streamline and automate your processes and gain powerful Insights to drive your Strategy towards the future.


Internet of Things is already around us transforming the way we connect and experience our surroundings.
Our team can use data and signals from smart devices and sensors to feed your custom applications, main System or ERP & HCM solution delivering unprecedent Connectivity, bringing Reporting and Notifications to your desired devices and building custom Procedures to automate all kinds of tasks.
Get in touch with our Consultants to discuss how modern IoT technologies can help you transform your business and grow.


Blockchain is transforming the way transactions are carried all over the world.
From Finance to Logistics, we witness multinational companies evolving using the latest technology offerings that will automate and secure their business.
Our team is in touch with most major platforms (Ethereum & Solidity, Stratis with C# and BaaS, Lisk & Javascript SDK, IBM Hyperledger) and is able to develop effective solutions and Smart Contracts to streamline your operations in contracts’ procurement, payments confirmations and logistics’ tracking in a way that is more fast and secure than any human mediated method could ever conceive.

Business Intelligence

In our times, information is turning out to be one of the most valuable assets. Companies store enormous amounts of data nowadays and getting the right statistics is crucial to aid management in data-driven decision making.
Our team can cleanse and integrate your data in one homogenous environment and help you discover Trends, Patterns and Consumer Groups to make informed decisions that will have a calculated impact in your business’ strategy and growth.
Get in touch with us to discuss how Data Modelling, Data Mining, Insights, Machine Learning and Smart Business Measures can help you develop your Business Analytics using top market solutions like Tableau®, Power BI® or Qlik®.

Database Penetration Testing

Databases are one of the most critical components of a business, storing sensitive data and serving a business’ ecosystem in its entirety.
Industry espionage as well as random hackers often target databases to extract crucial information endangering not only the affected company but also all its clients and contacts.
Our team can simulate cyberattacks and evaluate the security of your databases giving you a detailed report of all potential security shortcomings. We can also perform Stress Tests on your database, ensuring not only the continuity of your business on a DDoS attack but also evaluate the sudden influx of clients in cases of abnormally high traffic.



Edge Technology PIM

Businesses with an online presence are often challenged by their ERP’s shortcomings in Product Information Management.
Getting the right information gathered in a unified space and presented in the best possible way is crucial to stand out in marketplaces and online retail shops.
Our product is developed with the most contemporary technologies and practices in mind, being able to manage multiple languages, picture libraries, pricelists, sales channels and SKUs.

Edge Technology OMS

Companies selling their products in multiple online platforms can often be overwhelmed by incoming orders received in different formats by various marketplaces and online retail shops. Managing orders from multiple channels can be a daunting task and knowing your exact items’ balance in time, seems impossible. Our Order Management System can help you gather your orders in one platform, unified in format and ready to be imported and handled by your ERP. Items’ balances are managed within the application, counting both your warehouse levels as well as the incoming orders’ size and informing all connected sales’ channels with your current balance in real time.

Edge Technology TMS

Keeping up with a growing list of demands from multiple sources such as Customers, Suppliers, Employees or Agents can often lead to chaos if not managed correctly. An organized pool of Incidents, Changes and Addition tickets can provide visibility, measure performance and time of delivery, track status changes and eventually aid in providing a better service for everyone. Our TMS can help you manage tickets in ways that better utilize your resources, integrate with your Customers’ Ticket System for real time updates, organize your services categories in a manner that suits your business, provide valuable insights and KPIs and give your users a friendly visual experience that allows them to focus on the solution.



Having a modern and visually appealing eShop is crucial to stand out from the crowd.
We can build your virtual store using the latest technologies and in par with your marketing team’s take on the latest design trends or following a classic, timeless approach ensuring you reach your audience in the best possible way.
Our developers can create your website using all the major industry standard template platforms (Magento, Shopify) or develop a custom CMS, branded for your company, ensuring total customization. We use the latest frameworks both in Front end (React.js, NRGX) and Back end (C# and SignalR for high transaction sites as well as AngularJS, Node.js, Express.js, GoLang) in order to deliver a site experience that is fully tailored to your needs.
Digital citizens have the luxury of searching for a product that matches their aesthetics and expectations. It is of utmost importance to be able to stand out both in Google and Social Media result pages to find your audience before your competitors do.
Whatever the sector of your industry, having your eShop displayed among the first ones can drive huge traffic and potential sales to your business.
Our team consists of world recognized experts, certified by Google, able to make your eShop appear first in the searches that are most relevant to your business.
Digital Marketing
With people increasingly using digital devices, digital platforms have been incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life.
Digital Marketing Campaigns have become prevalent, employing combinations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Management, Influencer Recruiting, Campaign Orchestration, Data-Driven Decision Making, Social Media Marketing and e-mail Direct Marketing.
Our team can work with your existing Digital Marketing team or develop a marketing plan from scratch, employing the latest marketing trends and directives to enhance your Brand, align with your Strategy and deliver the results you have been waiting for.
Intranet | Portal
Modern workspaces often need a Solution that will enable them to share their content with the members of their own network. An Intranet is a custom-built network for sharing information and collaboration tools within an organization.
We can tailor an Intranet Solution specific to your needs comprising of your most used enterprise Applications, having Search Engines indexing your Documents, sharing a Storage space for your files, having Shared Calendars to manage your meetings and plan your Resources, instantly message your co-workers and inform your colleagues of company news with RSS feeds and Announcements.
Our team consists of Microsoft Certified SharePoint Experts with Enterprise-grade implementations experience, able to design, implement, evaluate and deploy an Intranet Solution that will match your expectations and significantly boost your productivity.
Database Administration
Databases grow in size and complexity in never before seen rates. Database Maintenance is crucial to ensure a seamless experience for all parties involved or making transactions with your organization.
We can analyze your Systems and Optimize their performance ensuring the best possible experience to both your colleagues and clients browsing through your site.
Our Certified Database Administrators have a vast amount of experience in all major Databases (Oracle, Microsoft, DB2, Teradata, PostgreSQL and MySQL) being involved in projects ranging from Piraeus’ Port Authority Core Database Systems to the Beijing Olympics Oracle RAC.
Infrastructure Design
Having an infrastructure that is able to handle your current needs and can also be a foundation trusted to support your future growth expectations is crucial to your business continuity.
Our team can develop a detailed upgrade plan using both your available resources as well as acquiring new where needed, ensuring that a cost benefit analysis will always be positive and the project stays well within your budget.
We can work with local retailers that will provide the hardware to your premises, ensuring that device specifications comply with our architectural plan.


Get in touch to let us answer any questions and analyze our services.